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  • How to Choose the High Partition

    The high partition used for space division, strictly speaking, should be classified into the office furniture for it is same with the office screen in the aspects of demountable and reuse availability. Also, the materials and methods adopted for fabricating the two products are similar. It even can be said that the high partition is no more than the enlarged office screen.
    Regardless of the alikeness between the two products, the high partition features diversified combination ways to satisfy

  • Office Partition

    To improve the working efficiency, people should value personal environment and avoid the outside disturbance. According to the nature of office, the office environment should meet the requirements as follows: People can easily look around without vision obstacles and focus on the work without the outside disturbance. For example, the height of this office partition is about 1080mm, and if the distance between the desks in the office is 890mm, the height of high partition can be 1490mm so that people working in the office can have a good view for relaxation ...

  • How to Choose the Color of Glass Partition

    The glass partition (high partition) is provided as a system but not just as a product. This system is interchangeable and humanized, and can be easily demounted and assembled with various components and ornaments. For this reason, every time we introduce this product to customers, we will ask many questions as what the required height and width of the partition are, which kind of finish you need, which color you require and so on. Although sometimes customers perhaps are unable to give clear answers after listening to those questions, most of them would like ...

  • What is the Folding Partition

    The folding partition is a partition that can be unfolded and folded, comprised by the track, roller and the partition panel. Based on the different materials used, it can be classified into the hard type and the soft type. The former is constituent by wood or metal partition panels and the adjacent panels are linked by hinges. The latter is fabricated with cotton and linen fabric, or the rubber and the plastic.
    Additionally, the panels of hard type come with wood frame or other frames, and can be finished with a layer of fiber board or other light boards on both surfaces.

  • What is the Strength of High Partition Compared with the Traditional Decoration

    High partition: In virtue of mechanization production, strict quality control and field assembly, the high partition comes with stable quality.
    Traditional decoration: As the decoration has to be applied on the spot for many times, the application effect cannot be completely consistent because of different technical levels of constructors, so the decoration quality cannot be well guaranteed. Also, the field decoration may come with inferior precision as well as frequent reworking and maintenance.

  • How to Achieve High Strength for the High Partition

    Considering the stability of the door, we design the 80 type high partition with aluminum profile whose average wall thickness reaches about 1.2mm and the thickness of doorframe is about 2.0mm. The average wall thickness of 84 type partition profile is about 1.4mm and the thickness of the doorframe is about 2.2mm. Meantime, this doorframe is accordingly equipped with 6 kinds of hardware fittings.
    In addition, we equip the Z-steel of 0.75mm thick and the H-steel of 1.00mm thick ...

  • Categories of Light Partition

    Generally, the light partition can be divided into two types which are the stationary type and the movable type. The movable type can be demounted, pushed or folded.
    According to the structure mode, it includes the panel type, framework type, block type, combined type, etc.
    Based on the materials used, it can be classified into the wooden type, gypsum board type, glass type, aluminum alloy type, plastic type and so on.

  • Issues Required Attention for Installing Partition Wood Door

    In most cases, the materials used for fabricating the product are less than what is required and the finished product is not as good as the sample for the sellers know that customers will not break the product to examine the truth once they buy the product. Hence, the material of a wood door sold at the price of 1000 CNY maybe only worth 600 to 700 CNY. Or the door is sold as a solid wood door but it is just filled with the honeycomb paper or the waste construction material (as the bamboo mold board, veneer mold board, etc.)

  • How to Utilize the Partition to Divide the Indoor Space

    For the room with large area, the non-transparent cabinet can be adopted as the partition so that each section of room is more private with little mutual interference. The transparent latticed furniture is suitable for the medium-sized room and it can separate the space into two sections without total isolation. As for the small room, people can apply the low furniture as the low cabinet and sofa which does not occupy too much space, thus relieving the repression sense caused by the small space.
    This method means that raising or lowering certain part of the indoor...

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