1. How to select movable partition products?
We provide the movable partition wall in 4 types, namely the 65 type, 80 type, 100 type and the 125 ultra-high type. Different types of partition wall should be used according to the height of worksite. The applicable heights for the four type of products are as follows:
A. 65 type: Up to 3m
B. 80 type: Up to 6m
C. 100 type: Up to 7m
D. 125 type: Above 7m

2. How about the sound insulation effect?
Based on the movable partition wall with different panel thicknesses and finishes, the sound insulation effect can reach 35 to 58 dB. Following is an attached table for your reference:

STC (Standard Test Condition) Privacy Afforded
25 dB Normal speech can be easily understood.
30 dB Normal speech is audible but cannot be understood.
35 dB Loud speech can be understood.
40 dB Loud speech is audible, but unintelligible.
45 dB Loud speech is barely audible.
50 dB Shouting is barely audible.
55 dB Shouting is inaudible.

3. What surface finish do you provide?
We can provide various kinds of surface finishes according to the requirements of customers. The common finishes include the MDF (medium-density fiber board), melamine board, wood veneer, fabric and the leather, among which the MDF is unfinished and you can further decorate it by painting or applying the wallpaper or utilizing other means.

4. What information should we provide for selecting an appropriate movable partition wall?
A. Please provide the wall-to-wall distance and the distance between the ceiling and the floor.
B. Tell us the detailed position where you apply the partition wall and your requirement for sound insulation.
C. You should also tell us your preference for the surface finish. If you have no idea about the finish, our design team will offer you rational suggestions.

5. What should we do?
We provide the complete set of components and connectors and what you should do is just accomplishing the installation of steel structure on the ceiling for the track will be fixed to the steel structure.

6. What will you do about the installation?
Our engineer will offer you installation consultation service at any time and meanwhile, we provide installation instruction and video for you. If demanded, our engineer can also go to the worksite or even provide on-site installation guidance. Certainly, the buyer should bear the visit and guidance fees.

7. What after-sales service do you provide?
We promise that all the service and maintenance within one-year guarantee period are provided for free. For the components, the guarantee period is 20 years. In addition, we freely provide replacement parts within two years after the sale.

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