Office Partition

To improve the working efficiency, people should value personal environment and avoid the outside disturbance. According to the nature of office, the office environment should meet the requirements as follows: People can easily look around without vision obstacles and focus on the work without the outside disturbance. For example, the height of this office partition is about 1080mm, and if the distance between the desks in the office is 890mm, the height of high partition can be 1490mm so that people working in the office can have a good view for relaxation and will not be distracted by other things when focusing on the work.

Currently, most partitions among the office support equipment in the market are finished with wall carpet and other materials which feature sound absorption and attractive color. Additionally, the office partition contains many styles, such as the glass blinds style, movable style, etc.

Glass Blinds Style
The blinds inlaid in the glass partition can be manually or power operated. Appropriate receiving and avoiding sunlight can be attained by manually controlling the rotary knob to lift and turn the blinds. Power operation can easily achieve the opening and closing of blinds, and also it can adjust the turning angle to obtain the optimal lighting effect.

Detailed Features:
1.The slat of blinds is 16mm or 25mm wide.
2. The glazing comes with double seal and the hollow slats can always keep clean without the need of cleaning.
3. The tempered glass is characterized by high stability and intensity as well as excellent heat-proof performance.
4. The DC motor-driven glass blinds partition are provided with stable performance and low operating noise as well as 8kg bearing capacity. The maximum width, length and area of each unit are respectively 3m, 1.8m and 8m2.
5. Except manual and power control, this product style also enables multiple intelligent control modes, such as the wireless remote control, infrared remote control, group control, etc. It fits to be applied in the office building, hotel, villa and other places.

Movable Style
The movable partition is a mobile wall with common wall functions. It can divide the large space into the small space or enlarge the small space to become the large space, and thereby an independent room will turn to be multi-purpose. It is also known as the movable partition wall, removable partition and the movable sound-proof wall, famous for the advantages of easy installation, reusability, fire prevention and environment protection. Additionally, for industrial production, it is available.

The movable partition brings so much convenience for our work. Taking the movable screen as an example, we can fold it when necessary to enlarge two small rooms into a big one and this situation is usually conductive to department meeting. For another instance, generally our plant building may be rented and for various reasons, we may have to relocate it. At this time, the disadvantages of traditional partition style readily emerge for we cannot take away the constituent parts of building as walls, rooms and so on. By contrast, this movable partition can be demounted, taken away and reconstructed and consequently, it is reputed as the take-away decoration.

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