Solution of Office Partition

The office partition, also known as the high partition, partition wall and the screen partition, is an integrated product satisfying the comprehensive requirements of modern office in environment protection, natural lighting, sound insulation, flexible design and repeated disassembling. Since the main part and auxiliary constructional elements are processed in the factory, and the assembling is finished on the spot, it is also the inevitable trend of industrialized decoration, severely impacting the traditional decoration mode.

Meanwhile, it combines the modern decoration concept, and not only possesses the traditional enclosure function, but also enables storage and exhibition, thus saving the office space and making the work environment more organized, modern and personalized. Generally, it suits to be applied in the public space for reception, negotiation, relaxation, or for space division in manager rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, staff offices, etc.

The office partition is mainly superior in its fashion, elegance, simplicity and its style and color which can reflect the culture of an enterprise. The stagger partition distribution embodies orderly aesthetic perception, facilitates peoples' work and what's more, it represents corporate image. Additionally, the elegant environment cultivates graceful temperament of people and the comfortable working environment will arouse your enthusiasm about work. The carpet, ceiling and the office partition are seemingly an integrated entity, presenting a marvelous working environment for you.

The design of office partition should be humanized and value the individual working environment to improve personal attention in the work and avoid the individual space from disturbance. The height of this office partition is about 1080mm. If the distance between the desks in the office is 890mm, then the high partition for office division should be 1490mm high. Therefore, people working in such a office will enjoy a full view of surroundings during the relaxation and will not be distracted by external things when focusing on the work. The proportion arrangement can be a good reference for our indoor design.

In the process of office decoration, apart from paying attention to the size of home-made office partitions, we should also value material selection as well as edge trimming. You can purchase and customize high-grade wood (such as the corylaceae) for edge trimming, which will create a more high-ranking effect. Currently, the finish material of partition is the wall carpet which is more popular in the market of office support equipment and possesses attractive colors, wide varieties as well as excellent sound absorption effect.

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