Categories of Light Partition

With the rapid development of modern industrial technology and the extensive use of new-type, light and high-strength materials, great changes have taken place in the structure and fabrication materials of modern light partition. In modern construction works, the light partition applied has wide varieties, but there is still no unified standard about the categories of partition or light partition.

Following are the detailed categories we summarize:
1. Generally, the light partition can be divided into two types which are the stationary type and the movable type. The movable type can be demounted, pushed or folded.
2. According to the structure mode, it includes the panel type, framework type, block type, combined type, etc.
3. Based on the materials used, it can be classified into the wooden type, gypsum board type, glass type, aluminum alloy type, plastic type and so on.
4. It contains the assembly type, push-draw type, folding type, rolling type and other types in accordance with its functions.

It should be noted that the block type of partition is more used under wet working environment and it has heavy self-weight, low level of industrialization and inflexibility in demounting, so it is less used in the modern decoration.

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