Issues Required Attention for Installing Partition Wood Door

The issues required attention for installing the partition wood door can be mainly summed up as the following three points.

Most of people having purchased wood doors have the experience that when you enter a wood door shop, the salesman will introduce the product features to you and also he will show you a cross-sectional sample of the product. However, we cannot judge that the door is good only by the small piece of sample.

In most cases, the materials used for fabricating the product are less than what is required and the finished product is not as good as the sample for the sellers know that customers will not break the product to examine the truth once they buy the product. Hence, the material of a wood door sold at the price of 1000 CNY maybe only worth 600 to 700 CNY. Or the door is sold as a solid wood door but it is just filled with the honeycomb paper or the waste construction material (as the bamboo mold board, veneer mold board, etc.)

Another commonly-used deception means is selling the wood door locally produced as the door manufactured in big cities as Guangdong or Beijing. The sellers sell the doors in the disguise of non-local brands and raise the price to profiteer.

At this moment, customers should shop around and via the comparison select the best product. Also, we recommend that customers should buy the product manufactured by famous companies. Sometimes, some sellers will cover the edges or the bottom part of door with painting so that people cannot distinguish whether it is authentic from the appearance, while the legal sellers will not behave like that.

In addition, the cost of an ordinary wood veneer door is at least more than 1000 CNY. If the price of the door sold as a solid wood door is only 500 to 600 CNY, then customers should be alert.

Styles and Colors
The door is very important in our life and in a sense, it represents the owner's temperament or other unique features. Except the quality, the function, style and color of door should also be considered so that the door can perfectly match with the partition.

The color of wood door is closely bound to the color of wall, floor, furniture and other soft furnishings. If you have no idea about color choosing, you can just pick a color similar to that of the whole environment, or the floor, or the furniture, or the decoration, and then make a detailed distinction between the colors. Another issue is that it would be best if the colors of wood door, wall and floor belong to the same color system. But they should not be totally same for fear of weakening the spaciousness of working environment.

Currently, there is a lack of installers in the wood door industry and consequently the installation problems caused by improper wood door measurement frequently take place. There are several key elements needing attention during the door measurement. The width of door comes first for in most cases, the wall is not totally erect and at least we should measure at three different positions including the bottom part, middle part and the top part of door and the minimum width is that we should use. Then we should measure the thickness of doorframe. Similarly, we should take the maximum thickness as the measured value by measuring the bottom part, middle part and the top part of door. The door cannot be installed because of tiny error and sometimes we have to break the wall to install the door as a result of 1cm error.

We always advocate the concept of ecological door and provide fashionable, safe, hi-tech and environment friendly ecological door series for consumers. Our partition doors have 9 major strengths, namely, fire prevention, water tightness, collision avoidance, deformation resistance, sound insulation, silence, environment protection, durability and DIY. By virtue of unique styles, they are popular with vast majorities of consumers.

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