Partition Solution in Hotels

As we all know that the partition has a wide application scope in the hotel industry and it can be in fixed or multidirectional type according to different situations. Thereby, the partition style your hotel needs depends on the spot requirements. What's more, the hotel partition series has been extensively applied in museums, exhibition halls, multifunctional conference halls, banquet halls and other places.

Following are some operation instructions of partition screen in hotels.
1. How to fix the multifunctional hotel partition screen:

Support the screen by one hand, insert the handle rod by the other hand into the hexagonal steel which is 1100mm away in the groove of the partition profile and then turn the handle clockwise to 180 degrees. At the same time, the retractable sealing strip inside the partition will pop out and thereby the screen is fixed.

After the installation of the whole set partitions, please check whether they are flat and erect and if they are in the same level with the track. Once not, the operator should retract the top and bottom sealing strips and re-adjust till the expected effect is achieved.

2. How to open the multidirectional hotel partition screen:
Standing in front of the screen, the operator should grip both sides of it and gently pull or move it along the track. After pushing it to the expected position, fixing can be applied. The operator should first notice the track direction when pushing the partition to the crossing intersection. Additionally, all the operation procedures must be conducted gently and slowly and the operator should pay attention to safety.

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