Partition Solution for Home Decoration

The home is a place where we live and relax, and it is supposed to be warm and harmonious. For that reason, the home decoration by applying the partition should conform to the following solution which mainly contains three points:

1. Overall look
As it is non-load bearing, the movable partition door comes with high flexibility in shaping and design. Yet, in the process of design, the variation and unity of height, length as well as generalization and concretization should be taken into account.

2. Collocation of color
The partition is a part of living room and its color should be concordant with the base color of the living room.

3. Selection and processing of materials:
Based on the above two principles, we can meticulously select and process the materials to achieve amazing overall look and perfect color collocation. In particular, since the partition belongs to the non-functional component, the decorative effect of materials can come first.

Having mastered the above-mentioned principles, we can design the partition for the living room according to our own favor. Generally, the partition should keep consistency with the living room in the whole style. While, splendid effect is also achievable sometimes by adopting different styles and the complex partition style will be applied when the whole style of living room is simple.

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