What is the Strength of High Partition Compared with the Traditional Decoration

Nowadays, the industrialized decoration has been a trend, which does not mean the disappearance of traditional decoration, but represents the mixture of old and new innovations. The application of glass partition just starts in domestic market and the raw material of this product is fire proof, anti-flaming, safe, washable and free of chemical pollution. Besides, the material also possesses the functions as sound absorption, heat insulation and dust prevention. It even can be reused for many times for other space partitioning. Hence, the high partition is a progress. Compared with the traditional decoration, it has overwhelming strengths which mainly reflect in the following eight aspects:

1. High partition: In virtue of mechanization production, strict quality control and field assembly, the high partition comes with stable quality.
2. Traditional decoration: As the decoration has to be applied on the spot for many times, the application effect cannot be completely consistent because of different technical levels of constructors, so the decoration quality cannot be well guaranteed. Also, the field decoration may come with inferior precision as well as frequent reworking and maintenance.

Relocation and Reuse
1. High partition: Due to the adoption of frame structure and demountable panels, it can be demounted and assembled, and the relocation and reuse rate can reach 85%. When relocation is needed, customers can give a call to our after-sales service center and we will send installers to assist in assembling work and accordingly charge certain fees. Therefore, this product is indeed a take-away decoration.
2. Traditional decoration: Every time the relocation and refitting will produce a lot of waste, which is a negative impact for the environment. Besides, it will cause the waste of labor, material and financial recourses.

1. High partition: The panels made of different materials can be demounted for maintenance.
2. Traditional decoration: It cannot be easily maintained and only re-decoration is practicable.

Construction Period
1. High partition: It features fast installation progress and small material consumption. During the installation, the location of glass partition, door and window is adjustable for recombination. Generally, for a space of 500m2, the installation can be completed within 20 days.
2. Traditional decoration: The construction period is a little long.

Field Control
1. High partition: The production technique and product quality are within the control of factory. During the spot assembly, we can easily control the operation quality and meanwhile customers turn to be appreciators whose trouble of supervising is saved.
2. Traditional decoration: As both of the construction quality and the technological quality of products processed on the spot should be soundly controlled, the field control has to takes on heavy burdens and sometimes there may be oversight.

Environment Protection
1. High partition:
A. It adopts environmental friendly materials which accord with National Building Material Standards Fireproof Materials Level A and do not give out pungent odor. Customers can move in soon after the completion of installation.
B. The construction is environment protected. We only implement assembly on the spot and thereby noise or dust pollution will not be caused.
2. Traditional decoration: Large numbers of flammable materials may be used on the construction spot and after the completion, people cannot move in immediately because of the residual pungent odor.

1. High partition: Since it can be reused and has high performance cost ratio, the price comparison in conventional way is improper for this product.
2. Traditional decoration: It features vast one-time investment and basically it cannot be reused.

Economic Benefit
1. High partition:
A. It saves relocation and maintenance cost for enterprises as a result of reutilization.
B. The design cost produced by altered location is small.
C. The space can be effectively utilized since the construction period is short.
2. Traditional decoration: It does not have the strengths as mentioned above.

In conclusion, the industrialized high partition creates the concise, layered, transparent and flexible humanized indoor environment wherewith the linear and blocky space division. The randomly stagger office space presents orderly aesthetics via adopting the high partition, stimulates people's enthusiasm about work and also reflects the image of an enterprise.

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