How to Utilize the Partition to Divide the Indoor Space

The partition is specially used for dividing the indoor space. It is flexible during the application. Generally, it cannot be installed under the floor and sometimes it can be moved. Through applying different partitioning modes, we can design the indoor space and make it present various spatial organizations. The partitioning method we should adopt depends on functions and characteristics of space. Following are some examples about partitioning methods:

1. Furniture Partition
For the room with large area, the non-transparent cabinet can be adopted as the partition so that each section of room is more private with little mutual interference. The transparent latticed furniture is suitable for the medium-sized room and it can separate the space into two sections without total isolation. As for the small room, people can apply the low furniture as the low cabinet and sofa which does not occupy too much space, thus relieving the repression sense caused by the small space.

2. Horizontal altitude difference
This method means that raising or lowering certain part of the indoor floor or lowering certain part of room top so that the changed part will be distinguished from the other parts of room. It can maintain the independence of each section and meanwhile guarantee visual convenience as well as the unrestricted mobility of people. Thereby it provides a changeful indoor space full of romance.

3. Valance partition
Except increasing the privacy of space and avoiding outside disturbance, this method also features flexibility and application convenience. Besides, as made of soft materials and coming with rich colors, the valance will leave an impression of spatial intimacy to people. Actually, this method is the simplest among these methods.

4. Screen Partition
The screen can be used to separate and shield the indoor space. It can increase the levels of room in visual sense and divide the space through changing the routes of people's movement.

5. Other methods
People also can utilize folding doors, blinds, flowers, plants, light sources, colors and other methods for space division.

In short, there are a great many methods for space division and people should divide the space according to actual needs. The division should meet practical requirements and also possess certain artistic effect, and in this way our living environment will be more perfect.

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