How to Choose the High Partition

The high partition used for space division, strictly speaking, should be classified into the office furniture for it is same with the office screen in the aspects of demountable and reuse availability. Also, the materials and methods adopted for fabricating the two products are similar. It even can be said that the high partition is no more than the enlarged office screen.

Regardless of the alikeness between the two products, the high partition features diversified combination ways to satisfy various requirements of customers, and once taking the material and color into consideration, customers can obtain thousands of combination ways. And for that reason, sometimes customers are confused about choosing which kind of partition. It would be easier when they are clear about what they need. While, sometimes they have no idea of what they need and finally they will casually choose one which is pleasant to eyes among various options.

It would be a good idea if all the matters are handed over to designers for their professional thought and judgment will help a lot. However, that will be a big sum of expenses which is unavailable for the companies that do not have so much working capital, or for the companies that do not want to spend money on the design. Here, we'd like to provide you some suggestions about how to choose the high partition.

Without regard to the complex materials and colors, we first think about which style of high partition we like. Simply, we divide this product into three styles as follows, namely the latticed style, straight strip style and the horizontal strip style.

1. Latticed style

It is the most fashionable style and the usage amount reaches 70% to 80% among all the styles. Companies can also design this high partition into a display case with lattices and the effect is wonderful.

2. Straight strip style

The style is less used than the latticed style. It looks just like an entire wall and you will not find it is the high partition if you do not observe carefully.

3. Horizontal strip style

This style is least used among the three styles. It is a little similar to the latticed style and it is hard to distinguish the two styles. Sometimes, the partition in latticed style may be applied on both sides of this partition in view of the space size.

The above–mentioned are the basic styles in which the high partition is applied and generally, all the current partition styles are transformed from them. The three styles are no different in quality and customers can choose from them according to their taste. After choosing the style, we come to the window and think about where to position the window and whether position it on the top and bottom parts for the viewing convenience, or just utilize it to make a whole glass room.

Finally, we should select the material, color, door style and consider other details, although these details probably have been determined in advance. As for the color, most people will choose the color consistent with the space to make the whole environment works as a whole.

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