How to Choose the Color of Glass Partition

The glass partition (high partition) is provided as a system but not just as a product. This system is interchangeable and humanized, and can be easily demounted and assembled with various components and ornaments. For this reason, every time we introduce this product to customers, we will ask many questions as what the required height and width of the partition are, which kind of finish you need, which color you require and so on. Although sometimes customers perhaps are unable to give clear answers after listening to those questions, most of them would like to think about those details.

Yet, customers are not the manufacturers after all and have little contact with or knowledge about the partition products, so most of the time they have no idea about the details above mentioned. It is easy to estimate the size of partition needed for usually its size is determined by the size of whole space. While, as for the color, many customers will become confused and they do not know how to choose the proper one. Following, we'd like to tell you a method helpful in selecting the color of glass partition.

The color psychology says that each color has its own implied meaning and some customers may consult it. That is not absolutely wrong, but in our opinion, the color selection should depend on the users themselves. It would be easier if customers have their favorite color. For the employees, they would be more enthusiastic about work if the office is decorated with their favorite color. If customers do not have specific favorite color, generally, the color choosing relies on the whole office style, which means the color can be harmonious with the color of paint and wallpaper. For example, if the paint color is light blue, then the partition finish may be in blue color as well or in dark blue.

If you are not satisfied with the above color collocation, you can try to apply the logo color of your company. For example, if your logo color is green, the finish color of partition can also be green to make the office environment working as a whole. Certainly, what we mentioned here is a conservative method, and if you need a unique office, a better effect would be achieved if you hire a professional designer to deal with this matter.

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