• Solution of Office Partition

    The office partition, also known as the high partition, partition wall and the screen partition, is an integrated product satisfying the comprehensive requirements of modern office in environment protection, natural lighting, sound insulation, flexible design and repeated disassembling. Since the main part and auxiliary constructional elements are processed in the factory, and the assembling is finished on the spot, it is also the inevitable trend of industrialized decoration, severely impacting the traditional decoration mode.

  • Partition Solution in Hotels

    As we all know that the partition has a wide application scope in the hotel industry and it can be in fixed or multidirectional type according to different situations. Thereby, the partition style your hotel needs depends on the spot requirements. What's more, the hotel partition series has been extensively applied in museums, exhibition halls, multifunctional conference halls, banquet halls and other places.

  • Partition Solution for Home Decoration

    1. Overall look
    As it is non-load bearing, the movable partition door comes with high flexibility in shaping and design. Yet, in the process of design, the variation and unity of height, length as well as generalization and concretization should be taken into account.
    2. Collocation of color
    The partition is a part of living room and its color should be concordant with the base color of the living room.

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