How to Achieve High Strength for the High Partition

Considering the stability of the door, we design the 80 type high partition with aluminum profile whose average wall thickness reaches about 1.2mm and the thickness of doorframe is about 2.0mm. The average wall thickness of 84 type partition profile is about 1.4mm and the thickness of the doorframe is about 2.2mm. Meantime, this doorframe is accordingly equipped with 6 kinds of hardware fittings.

In addition, we equip the Z-steel of 0.75mm thick and the H-steel of 1.00mm thick inside the partition as the structural support, which greatly enhances the resistance of the whole structure against side impact. Moreover, the thickness of external aluminum profile reaches 1.4mm and the specially-made reinforced doorframe undoubtedly strengthens the weak link of partition. All these elements safely guard the entire strength and stability of our partitions. Additionally, the average thickness of our partition is 80 to 84mm and conforms to the indoor wall thickness of international standard.

Therefore, the strength of high partition does not only depend on the material, form and the thickness of sole element, but also depends on the scientific integration of all elements. Based on all the above principles, our high partition is perfectly fabricated.

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