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Spatial configuration can instantly transform the look and feel of a target area, adding sophistication and functionality to otherwise unimpressive rooms. Experienced proprietors of restaurants, banquet halls, and other similar venues have long been aware of this phenomenon. As a renowned Chinese manufacturer of movable partition walls, glass partition walls, and partition wall hardware, GIBO STAR International can provide industry professionals with the tools of success. The high degree of flexibility offered by our products allows for the quick and efficient reallocation of valuable floor space.

Our company is known for the production of decorative building materials that are both energy efficient and environmental friendly. In 2004, ongoing development efforts resulted in the conception of our brainchild - the NEUWALL movable partition. These partitions are made with exemplary craftsmanship and exhibits outstanding versatility, durability, and maneuverability. Designed for intuitive operation and installation, our partitions can be moved with minimal noise.

All products are custom-made to client-side specifications. The partition surface is finished with high-pressure laminate, but can be substituted with fabric, wallpaper, wood veneer, melamine, or other materials. Unfinished partitions can be provided, customers may arrange for additional post-processing at their own discretion.

Engineering Ingenuity
Our dedicated engineering department consists of passionate professionals that are fully committed to breathing innovation into the industry. Their contributions in acoustics, fire safety, and multi-directional tracking have allowed us to maintain a significant edge over competitors. Other responsibilities of this department include technical support and quality assurance. Raw materials are thoroughly screened. All finished products are rigorously inspected prior to shipping.

Global Distribution
Headquartered in China, we currently operate two major production bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Our products and services are available worldwide to countries and regions including America, Brazil, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

Product Customization
GIBO STAR offers a complete selection of partitions. For client specifications that fall outside of our standard accommodation, fully featured customization options are available. Augmentation can be provided for components such as soffits, notched panels, window inserts, floor/stair seals, and uniquely sized panels.

1. Detailed consultations allow our customers can make informed purchases.
2. We can provide digital CAD drawings by request.
3. Pre-ordering services are available.
4. High-quality manufacturing and post-processing is guaranteed.
5. Professional installation can be requested.
6. A 12-month quality guarantee is associated with our products.
7. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and services.

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