1. Movable Frameless Glass Partition WallThis frameless glass partition wall comes with a series of individual toughened glass panels with top and bottom clamping profiles. These panels suspended slide along a ceiling track without floor track. They are pushed together and interlocked to form a wall. Each panel can be individually locked and moved to ensure a high level of security.
    1. Movable Framed Glass Partition WallOur company provides the movable framed glass wall with favorable strengths. It is designed with a top-hung system having no need for a track on the floor. The tempered and soundproof glass is singly or doubly inlaid in the aluminum framework, and thereby the glass edges are safely protected.
    1. Demountable WallsThe demountable wall is a versatile, non-load bearing, relocatable partitioning system for indoor space design. It is usually provided with the aluminum profiles and can be erected as a composition of single or double glazed or tempered glass panels. Meanwhile, this product connects the floor and the ceiling with the assistance of a sliding track.

Glass Partition Wall

The glass partition wall is an innovative product for indoor construction. It enables space partition and provides good view without barrier. Generally, it can be provided with frame, without frame, or with demountable structure, based on different application purposes.

We provide this glass partition wall with various surface finishes and colors to satisfy different requirements of customers in space perfection. Also, this product has a wide application scope and it is often applied in the following places:
1. Teaching center
2. Shopping center
3. Conference room
4. Waiting room in airports or stations
5. Entrance area in banks
6. Post office

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