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Demountable Walls

General Introduction
The demountable wall is a versatile, non-load bearing, relocatable partitioning system for indoor space design. It is usually provided with the aluminum profiles and can be erected as a composition of single or double glazed or tempered glass panels. Meanwhile, this product connects the floor and the ceiling with the assistance of a sliding track. The track is grooved and by utilizing certain screws, the track can be tightly fixed with the angle iron. Consequently, it can be attached to the false ceiling without damaging the ceiling. In addition, the aluminum profiles can be satin anodized, powder coated and oxidized with the stainless steel in RAL colors.

More Details
1. Glazed module: A single glass of 10mm or double glasses (with optional blinds) safely toughened are provided with PVC glazing gasket at the edges.
2. Panel thickness: 84mm
3. Panel width: Up to 2400mm
4. Panel material: The panel material of the demountable wall can be tempered glass or the combination of glass and solid panel.
5. Sound insulation: The sound insulation effect of 18dB to 45dB is achievable depending on the panel material.

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