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Movable Framed Glass Wall

Product Overview
Our company provides the movable framed glass wall with favorable strengths. It is designed with a top-hung system having no need for a track on the floor. The tempered and soundproof glass is singly or doubly inlaid in the aluminum framework, and thereby the glass edges are safely protected.

Framework: 80mm thick

Product Details
1. Glazed module
The tempered glass of 10mm is safely inlaid in the aluminum framework.

2. Glass tolerances
It is impossible that the tempered glass of the glass wall is totally flat. The maximum deviation in perpendicular direction is allowed to be 0.30% (3mm per meter). The measurement can be applied for the complete glass on the concave surface or in the vertical surface or from the four edges.

If the floor and ceiling are level, the vertical edge tolerance of 3 to 5mm is acceptable and it may be increased relying on the spot conditions.

3. Panel joint
The male and female joint profiles are provided with magnetic membrane.

4. Locking system
The panel can be locked by the stainless steel socket on the floor.

5. Extra options
We provide various kinds of film manifestation and screen printing as the optional extra along with the glass wall.

6. Specifications
A. Module (glass width): 700mm-1200mm
B. Height: Up to 3000mm
C. Tolerance (glass): ±5mm

7. Finishes
All the exposed aluminum components are satin anodized or polyester powder coated. Various colors are available for customers to choose.

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