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Movable Frameless Glass Partition Wall

General Description
This frameless glass partition wall comes with a series of individual toughened glass panels with top and bottom clamping profiles. These panels suspended slide along a ceiling track without floor track. They are pushed together and interlocked to form a wall. Each panel can be individually locked and moved to ensure a high level of security. In addition, only the clips on the top and bottom of glass are required to fix the glass panels, which accordingly maximizes the glass area. When the product is positioned, the floor pins locking and supporting edges of panel can keep the panels secure in the opening.

More Details
1. 12mm thick glass:

2. Framework
A pre-finished aluminum clip of 100mm length on top and bottom of panels:

3. Tolerance of glass
The toughened glass of partition wall is unable to be totally flat and a maximum deviation of 0.30% (3mm per meter) from the linear direction is permissible. This data is tenable no matter the glass is measured on the concave surface or in the vertical surface or from the four edges.

Also, a 3 to 5mm vertical edge tolerance for a glass door is allowable when the floor and the ceiling is level. The tolerance may be increased relying on the site conditions.

4. Acoustic performance
The sound insulation effect of a 12mm glass module reaches up to 33 Rw dB.

5. Panel joint
The clear and dry PVC joint is adopted.

6. Locking system
The top suspension system does not need a track on the floor. When the partition wall is positioned, the panels will be locked by the pin on the floor.

6. Extra options
A wide range of film manifestation and screen printing are available as the options.

7. Specifications
A. Module (glass width): 700mm-1200mm
B. Height: Up to 3000mm
C. Tolerance (glass): ±5mm
D. Weight: 30.00kg/m2 for a piece of 12mm glass

8. Finishes
All the aluminum components exposed can be satin anodized or polyester powder coated with various kinds of colors.

9. Door furniture
The smooth stainless steel handle and hinge are provided along with the partition wall, and extra finishes and levers made of different materials are also attainable.

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