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125 Ultra-High Type Movable Partition Walls

This type of movable partition wall comes with an applicable height of 7 to 16m and a maximum sound insulation of 53 dB. The bearing capacity of each 1m track reaches upmore than 2000kg and each roller installed on the product can bear weight of over 1600kg. For this reason, this product is frequently applied in large banquet halls, multi-function rooms, convention centers, stadiums, auditoriums, etc.

The suspension system of the ultra-high type partition wall is a fruit of high-tech. The roller can smoothly and steadily slide in the track without vibration and users can effortlessly push the wall 16m high from the bottom. Additionally, the intersection is fabricated by steel plate for a special purpose and equipped with a built-in guiding device so that the product can automatically turn along this device just like sliding on the straight track when it gets through the intersection.

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Truss system
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